Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Vaping Works 'Like a Charm' in Helping People Quit Smoking


Do you want to know the REAL reason why lots of people were able to stop smoking after they totally shifted to vaping? The key to finally quitting a nasty habit like smoking is to keep on vaping and to wholeheartedly embrace the practice of self-titration while you do so.

So, What Does Self-Titration Really Mean?

Technically, titration is defined as "a technique where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution." This method involves gradually adding small amounts of the known solution or titrant to the unknown solution or analyte until the desired reaction is complete. Based on this definition, you're actually titrating whenever you added more sugar or additional water into your juice or coffee to adjust its sweetness according to your personal taste.

The practice of self-titration in vaping, however, isn't defined or done the same way as the preparatory technique in chemistry. Cascadia Vape's Glossary provides the following definition of self-titration in vaping:
Self-Titration: the standard definition refers to a method of determining the concentration of a substance in a solution but in the context of e-cig use, self-titration refers to the choice to use various e-liquids with the nicotine content that best suits their needs.

The process exposes long-time smokers to the flavorful vapors of high-nicotine liquids until they became accustomed to inhaling them. At this point, some people got stuck on vaping e-juices with nicotine strengths ranging from 16 mg to 24 mg while others found happiness in vaping e-liquids with low nicotine levels from 3 mg to 8 mg. It's okay for people who use vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

For people who really wanted to quit smoking, however, the struggle doesn't end once they're vaping low-nic juices. They will keep on vaping their chosen flavored e-liquids, which would have gradually decreasing amounts of nicotine in every bottle. If they're currently puffing 3mg nicotine juice, then the next big step would be to slowly ease their way into zero nicotine territory.

Because the titration process is in reverse, ex-smokers end up with fewer tobacco-specific toxins in the body, and with much less sticky phlegm and dried-up mucus blocking the airways and covering the walls of their lungs. The result? Now, they're breathing more deeply and with greater ease than when they were smoking. What's more, people who haven't touched a single cigarette since they started vaping gave their minds and body the chance to recover from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

Where Patience and Persistence Come In

When you're the one deciding how much nicotine strength you'd like in the e-juices you've been vaping, it's easy to think of a reasonable excuse to buy yourself a decadent e-juice flavor that has more nicotine in it than the average strength of all the e-liquids you bought last time. Always exercise a lot of discipline and self-control whenever you go out to buy your next batch of e-juice flavors.

It's not enough that you discipline yourself, however. You also have to be patient and persistent in reaching the goals you have set for yourself each week. Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a special gift or an expensive trip for achieving so much in a month. Jot down on your calendar every milestone that you have achieved in your life.

Keep in mind the sage words of the famous public speaker and best-selling author Dale Carnegie who wrote: "You are attempting to form new habits. Ah yes, you are attempting a new way of life. That will require time and persistence and daily application."

He further suggested to his readers that:
"Keep constantly impressing yourself with the rich possibilities for improvement that still lie in the offing. Remember that the use of these principles can be made habitual only by a constant and vigorous campaign of review and application. There is no other way."

Just continue to vape your favorite flavors of e-juice until it becomes a good habit with you. But, while you vape the usual bottles of flavored e-liquids, choose to vape those liquids that have decreasing nicotine strengths until you're down to zero-nic and you're just fine inhaling the vapors without craving for more.

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