Saturday, January 30, 2016

Is Vaping E-juice Spiked with Caffeine Good or Bad for You?

Morning coffee and vaping. Image Credit: Terry Ozon via Flickr under CC

Both caffeine and nicotine are categorized as secondary stimulant drugs. They affect the sympathetic nervous system more than other stimulants, such as amphetamines and cocaine, which have an effect on the central nervous system.
Also unlike stimulants that are abused for recreational purposes, caffeine and nicotine produce only an increased energy level but not a feeling of intoxication. Nicotine acts mostly as a stimulant in new users, but long-term users claim that it relaxes them.

Now, imagine what the effects would be on your brain when you mixed caffeine with nicotine in your e-juice. It would be explosive, wouldn't it?

Many e-juice brands now carry flavors inspired by coffee recipes, such as cappuccino and latte. But, if you want to mix your own caffeine-inspired liquids for vaping, you may use an e-caffeine additive. It's pre-mixed so you'd have the right amount of caffeine in every milliliter of liquid. If you bought a concentrate, then you'd have to be skilled in preparing the e-juice solution.

Possible side effects from vaping too much caffeine are the same as taking in too much nicotine into the system. Users should expect dizziness and headaches, and sometimes nausea for some people. Caffeine is known as a diuretic when drank and it retains this effect even when it's turned into vapor. Although nicotine is anti-diuretic, which means it inhibits your body from urinating, the carrier solvent used in vaporizing the nicotine and caffeine in the e-juice known as propylene glycol can pull in a lot of moisture from the body and cause you to pee more than usual.

Vaping in moderation is the key to avoiding these side effects. Inhaling nicotine-containing liquids flavored with caffeine and other delicious flavorings is an enjoyable activity and perfectly safe for your health. In fact, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful according to Public Health England's evidence review by experts.

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