Sunday, November 22, 2015

Five Amazing Vapor Art Photos You Shouldn't Miss

Vapor is as flexible and graceful as smoke, but more solid and dense. It can be manipulated to form more defined silhouettes of imaginary beings, fantastic objects, and abstract works of art. If you love art and vaping, then feast your eyes on these amazing artworks inspired by clouds of vapor.


Girl in Vapor
by Bijan Studio

Bijan Habashi is a freelance artist, a muralist, and a website and graphic designer located in Los Angeles, California. He created this digital artwork by shooting smoke and manipulated the photo by using image editing software. He's inspired by the beauty of smoke or vapor as well as the soft curves of the female body.

woman blowing vapor with flower

Woman Blowing Vapor with Flower
by Lisa Kimberly

The digital composite photo of a white flower integrated into the image of smoke is added to a filtered photo of a woman with her painted mouth open. The result is a beautiful work of art by Lisa Kimberly, a professional photographer. The vapor art photo has been circulating throughout social media for a couple of years now.

woman blowing jellyfish vapors

Woman Blowing Jellyfish Vapors
by Vitaly Tatarinov

A Ukrainian artist made this magnificent vaport art photo, which is a digital composite of an image of a woman and a photo manipulation of smoke and jellyfishes. In real life, vapers can do complicated tricks that can form clouds of vapor into jellyfishes, but they're not as perfectly formed as these Man-of-War jellyfishes.


Vapor in Hand
by unknown

This photo is an example of a vapor trick. Someone blows a huge cloud of vapor on his or her palm and captures the image as the cloud dissipates slowly. This image has been making the rounds of social media sites, but the artist is unknown.

rainbow vapor art

Rainbow Vapor
by unknown

This is another vapor art photo produced by an unidentified artist. It shows a woman's full mouth blowing a thick stream of vapor, which was digitally enhanced with different colors of the rainbow; hence, the name.

It's representative of the vaper's experience where no single vape comes out the same way as the previous one. Experiences differ in form and texture for every vaper depending on the equipment and the e-liquid used.

These five images aren't the only ones you'll find out there. Vaping stimulates the creative center of the mind and drives artists of all persuasion to create works that show people the beauty of moving vapor.

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