Sunday, October 25, 2015

How Air Holes Benefit Vapers But Leave Smokers Unsatisfied

Tobacco firms have been deceiving smokers for many years. Ads that have been promoting some tobacco products as "low-nicotine" or "low-tar" and with a "mild" or "light" flavor don't lie when they claim that their cigarettes produce little or no nicotine and tar in the smoke. However, they're not telling the whole truth either.

Tiny Holes in the Filter Will Push You to Smoke More Cigs

Tobacco companies have been peddling mentholated or filtered cigarettes with a built-in air flow system in the rolled-fiber tip as "less addictive" because each stick of dried tobacco delivers less than 1 mg of nicotine and allows tobacco-specific toxic residue to dissipate quickly when fresh air from the perforated filter paper mixes with the smoke from the burning tobacco.

Basically, smokers end up sucking dry hot air with little nicotine to absorb into your system. To satisfy their strong cravings for nicotine at an amount they've been used to consuming, smokers of mild or light cigarettes don't realize that they end up burning twice the number of smokes in a week. This is known as smoker compensation:

"...smokers smoke to deliver nicotine to their brains, cutting the nicotine content in cigarettes would lead to so-called smoker compensation, where smokers smoke more cigarettes or inhale more deeply in order to get their usual level of nicotine and increase the damage to their health by effectively smoking more."

Indeed, this is exactly what happened with people who smoke the industry's "light" cigarettes, which are designed to encourage this (unconscious) behavior. (The FDA and a federal court now prohibit the companies from using terms like "light" and "mild" to trick smokers, but the companies simply dropped the words and color-coded the packs, something both the FDA and Department of Justice have let them get away with for years.)

Rather than lighting up more light or low-tar cigs, spend money on a pack of high-quality tobacco filters to screen out the nicotine, tar and other undesirable particulates in cigarette smoke while you enjoy the same rich taste of dark tobacco. Or, invest in a personal vaporizer kit, which you can buy from a reputable online seller, and a collection of e-juice flavors that mostly consist of zero-to-low-nic formulas and a few flavors in 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine levels.

Reduce Nicotine Cravings Using Cigs, E-cigs and E-juices with Low-Nic Strengths

The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education revealed surprisingly positive results to a new study on the FDA's upcoming proposal to reduce more than 90% of nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products. If federal agencies like FDA were given the power and authority to regulate the amount of nicotine in consumer items, such as electronic cigarettes and flavored e-liquids, vapers and dual-users would have to be satisfied with vaping flavored juices that have little or no nicotine.

According to the results of the study:

Everyone knows that nicotine in its purest form is not only toxic and deadly, but when very small amounts are absorbed by the body each day, this organic compound that's commonly found in tobacco can also cause addiction to develop in those who consume it. The more frequent your body consumes nicotine, the greater the amount of nicotine your system requires to function normally.

In this experiment, which made use of cigarettes made from tobacco with very low nicotine content, the subjects who consumed 0.4 mg of nicotine per gram of tobacco smoked 30% less cigarettes compared to subjects who smoked cigarettes with 15.8 mg of nicotine per gram of tobacco. Moreover, people who smoked cigarettes with the least amount of nicotine have "experienced less craving."

They were twice as likely to report quit attempts compared to those who smoked cigarettes with their usual levels of nicotine (34.7% versus 17%). This finding is particularly important to this research. None of the subjects of this study showed an interest or expressed a desire to quit smoking when they were recruited. After participating in the study, more than thirty percent of the subjects have tried to quit after smoking cigarettes that contain only 0.4 mg of nicotine.

Don't Want to Quit but Love to Smoke Fewer Cigs or Vape Less Often?

Many medical studies have shown there's a strong connection between a person's high vulnerability to getting diagnosed with a mouth or lung cancer, a respiratory illness, and a plethora of breathing problems later in life and that person's long-term exposure to nicotine and tar from smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Yet, many people remain avid tobacco lovers, especially men and women who love to puff on an expensive cigar.

A dual-user is both a smoker and a vaper. He or she enjoys a cigarette now and then, but frequently inhales the flavorful vapors of nicotine-containing liquids. Dual-using offers flexibility and less pressure on veteran smokers to immediately quit. Smokers who could finish one to two packs of cigarettes each day, and who attempted to quit several times but often failed, would appreciate the gradual shift from smoking cigarettes only to either smoking or vaping half of the time. The decision to completely switch to vaping depends on the individual's readiness and preferences.

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