Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Innovative Apparel for All Kinds of Vapers

VapRwear Hoodies for Men and Women. Images lifted from the VapRwear website.

Elvis "Papi" Edwards wanted to celebrate the "responsible use of legal marijuana, nicotine, and vapor-based accessories" through his VapRwear hoodies for men and women. He admitted his hoodie design was inspired by Sean Oliver's pipe sweatshirt, which he saw in Denver in 2014. While Oliver thought of making cannabis use more discreet for his customers, Edwards took a step further and made the hoodie vape-ready for nicotine lovers.

"I invented the [vape sweatshirt] on 4/20 in Denver last year," Edwards told BuzzFeed News. "I saw Sean and his partner, I knew their hoodies, and I knew how to make them better."

According to Oliver, he also thought of making sweatshirts for vapers, but decided to develop the pipe one first because it cost less to manufacture. Unfortunately for him, Edwards beat him to it and found more people willing to pay a hundred bucks (more or less) for a hoodie that can accommodate liquid nicotine users as well as those who use dry herbs, oils, flowers and waxes.

Now, VapRwear sells different types of hooded apparel along with their proprietary D-LO3 multi-vape system.

How VapRwear Looks with a Hoodie

Built within the lining of the hoodie, the patented D-LO3(Dee Lo 3) system is the brainchild of the VapRwear line. The hood has private pockets for the slim built-in D-LO3 vapor device, this one-of-a-kind clothing line is gaining attention not just nationally but on a global platform.

Oliver has a similar idea with his pipe hoodie, but the handblown glass blown at one end of the fire-resistant tube doesn't look useful for vapers who use e-juices and oils. Plus, it seems less convenient for users to continue holding up the bowl as they relax and enjoy some weed.

Image lifted from the Instagram account of Hook Horkerz

The Hook Horkerz pipe hoodie has a handblown glass mouthpiece and bowl, and a high-temperature silicone tube covered in fire-retardant fabric.

In comparison, Edwards designed his product to be appealing to all types of vapers. According to the device's product information on the VapRwear website:

The patented DLo3 vape system is available without purchase of a hoodie. The vaporizer has been engineered to accommodate your favorite e-juice, oil blend, wax, or dry herb. Each DLo3 vape system features a hoodlace tank, two battery sticks, and a USB charging port.

VapRwear's Dee Lo Vape Systems

The older version is a built-in vape pen for all VapRwear apparel. It can only accommodate e-juice and oil users. The kit features a hoodlace tank, one battery stick, and a USB charging port. In case the hose becomes worn down or was accidentally damaged, users can get a replacement hose for either DLo1 or DLo3.

One of the most common questions about the product is on washing and cleaning the hoodie and the vape pen. It's actually a simple process. The hardware is removable and the clothes are machine-washable. In addition, the DLo3 comes with a small brush for easy cleaning of the tube.

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