Thursday, July 23, 2015

Three More Apps to Help You Quit Smoking Now

One of the more popular articles this blog has published featured Quitbit and Smokio - two easy-to-use and effective electronic helpmates to smokers looking to quit and track their progress as they did so. In today's very competitive mobile app market, these two gadgets aren't the only ones available out there. Here are three more apps to help you whittle down the number of cigarettes you finish in a day until you don't need them anymore just to function normally.

Screenshots of Quit Now for Android. source:

Quit Now!

The app provides the user with real-time stats of his or her cigarette use. It counts the number of minutes, hours and days since you last smoked a cigarette. It also calculates the money and time you have saved because of not smoking.

In addition to these features, the Quit Now! app also provides important information regarding your health using indicators based on World Health Organization standards. You're also given an achievement list that you will unlock one by one. This is to motivate you to continue reaching for the short-term goals indicated on your app until you finally achieved the greater goal of quitting smoking.

Fewlaps, a Spanish software developer of mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, created this app. It is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Screenshots of Quit Smoking app for Android devices. source:

Quit Smoking

This widget application for Android devices is designed to wean you off your dependency on analog cigarettes. It calculates the number of cigarettes you have or haven't smoked since the day you installed the app. It also shows the recommended number of cigarettes you're supposed to limit yourself to each day in the step-down program. The limit changes in number until you're down to zero.

You can download the app from the Google Play store or from the developer's website.

Stop Smoking

This is a mindfulness meditation app to help end your dependency on nicotine. This app works with people who already practice meditation as part of their smoking cessation program. It plays a relaxing audio clip to put your mind and body at ease while you're meditating. You can set the app's music to run in a loop for either 5 or 10 minutes.

The app begins with a narration to guide newbies through the process. For advanced users, there's no narration and only a soft bell sound to mark the passing of time.

Of course, these aren't the only apps out there. There are more you can check out from either iTunes or Google Play. Find the app that works perfectly for you.

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