Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Seven Magnificent Mechanical Mods

These artisanal box mods aren't just pretty things with expensive price tags; they also kick ass in the functionality department. Check out these beautiful handcrafted mods courtesy of Vapor Jedi.

Kamagong by RMR Woodworx

kamagong by rmr woodworx
Kamagong Mod by RMR Woodworx

These beautiful mechanical mods are made of real kamagong wood. The shape fits your hand perfectly with soft indentations for your fingers. The curved body offers a strong anti-slip grip. The face is decorated with characters from the native Filipino alphabet called the Alibata. On one side, the name "maharlika" is laser-etched onto the wooden surface.

Other features of this box mod:
  1. It has a dual 18650 battery parallel power source.
  2. It uses a 24-mm 510 connector with juice well and a 5-amp anti-vandal switch.
  3. It has a floating positive pin and both positive and negative connections made of copper.
  4. The mod is capable of handling nippled and non-nippled 18650 batteries.
  5. It can handle sub-ohm builds without heating up the connections and anti-vandal switch.

Brigada Box Mod by Puff Box

brigada mechanical mod by puff box
Brigada v1.5 Dual Parallel Mod by Puff Box

The BRIGADA v1.5 box mod uses dual parallel 18650 batteries. It's made of 100% authentic Philippine red wood known as Amugis. The laser-engraved design on this wooden box mod features the head of a water buffalo and the silhouette of a mustached Englishman wearing a top hat and smoking a cigar.

The brass body and 22-mm black Delrin juice-well can withstand high temperatures. The mod has a black Delrin high-temp switch for soft firing as well as adjustable battery terminal pins hidden behind its magnetic doors.

The Druid Wooden Box Mod by Juan Creative Innovations

Druid Box Mod by Juan Creative Innovations
Druid Box Mod by Juan Creative Innovations

This beautiful box mod from Juan Creative uses dual parallel 18650 batteries. The druidic-themed hand-carved design shows the excellent workmanship that went into making these mods. These limited edition box mods are made from 100% Philippine hardwood with a stained finish.

Behind the magnetic back door is a unique mechanical design that makes use of 25-mm juice well with a standard 510 connection and a 16-mm switch that can handle sub-ohm builds. Each mod has brass positive connections and silver-plated negative springs.

Classique Box Mod by RL Workz

Classique Mechanical Box Mod
Classique Mechanical Box Mod by RL Workz

This mechanical box mod is made from high-quality kamagong wood (iron wood). It uses dual parallel 18650 batteries and a CNC-made 22-mm juice-well. The full mechanical stainless steel switch has no amp limit. Behind the sliding doors you'll discover a clean internal setup that consists of a floating positive pin and silver-plated copper contacts.

Due to the nature of the hardwood, each mod will have a different natural finish, variations and/or imperfections, which are normal.

Fierce v2 by Psywar Fabrications

Laser-Engraved Fierce Box Mod
Laser-Engraved Fierce Box Mod

Made from solid kamagong wood, this mechanical box mod features a deep laser-engraved logo on the front. The slim and compact body houses dual parallel 18650 batteries. The internals are made of silver-plated copper contacts and a custom-made brass switch. The adjustable positive pin connects to spring-loaded negative contacts made of copper and coated with silver.

Kasha by GP Customs

Kasha Brass and Wood Box Mod
Kasha Brass and Wood Box Mod

This wooden box mod has a T6 aluminum body with a beautiful brushed finish and a dual-door cover that hides a clean internal setup. It has copper 510 connectors and juice-well, a mechanical switch, spring-loaded negative contacts, and a floating positive copper pin. It uses dual 18650 batteries with a Delrin cover to avoid battery rattle. The locking mechanism is situated at the bottom for safety.

Grip Royale by Vape Smith

Grip Royale Red Wood Box Mod
Grip Royale Red Wood Box Mod

This is a full mechanical parallel wooden box mod. It's made of first-class narra wood. The 3D-machine design features a well-proportioned grip handle made of brass metal and a laser-engraved logo at the bottom. The magnetic cover protects the all-copper internals including a dual 18650 battery along with a separator.

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