Monday, July 13, 2015

Caffeine and Sugar Boost Nicotine's Effects on the Brain

Morning coffee and vaping. Image Credit: Terry Ozon via Flickr under CC BY 2.0

People who enjoyed a moderate amount of nicotine in their lives would often smoke while they drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. The heady mix of caffeine, sugar and nicotine creates a pleasurable high, which these ex-smokers like to replicate day after day. Even though tobacco residue was practically eliminated in e-cigarettes, the presence of nicotine in the e-juice ensured that vapers would continue to experience the psychotropic effects of the drug.

Nicotine's Effects on the Brain

Nicotine is a specific type of stimulant that increases attention, concentration and possible memory. It is reported that it sometimes has a calming or anti-anxiety affect. Nicotine stimulates the heart and circulation.
When paired with coffee or cola, nicotine speeds up metabolism of caffeine, and quickly delivers the high that smokers wanted. It's readily absorbed into the bloodstream via the mouth, throat and lungs. And, it reaches the brain within 8 seconds after inhalation.

The vaper then experiences an explosion of pleasurable sensations because of the actions of caffeine, nicotine and sugar (if you're drinking caffeinated soda). Consider these statements from the Transfigure Personal Fitness Training blog:

"After drinking a cup of coffee (or any caffeine containing beverage), the caffeine within enters the bloodstream and stimulates the release of more glucose throughout the body. This produces a feeling of alertness and temporarily raises energy levels."

"Much like caffeine nicotine brings blood glucose levels up too high and the resulting drop in blood sugar signals cravings for sweets – or at least another cigarette. Nicotine also tends to blunt or dull the taste buds, which enhances the desire for stronger flavored foods (higher in salt and fat)."

"'s safe to recognize sugar as a potent drug, the health effects of its consumption (in even moderate doses) are comparable to caffeine and nicotine – some experts say it's on par with heroine."

If you're going to make vaping a lifestyle choice, then take the necessary precautions in defending your health from the negative effects of overindulgence. Moderation is the key as well as prevention. Take your vitamins, exercise daily, make sure your body is hydrated, and eat a balanced meal.

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