Thursday, June 25, 2015

Smart Gadgets That Will End Your Nicotine Addiction

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Don't wait for your nicotine tolerance to go down as you vape day in and day out. Make use of innovative gadgets to track the number of times you "light up" in a day, and see what triggers your need to smoke and whether or not you have made any progress towards your personal goal of quitting forever.

Smokio and Quitbit are the two most promising gadgets for those who want to quit their nicotine addiction in a systematic way.

A French start-up has created a "connected" e-cigarette called Smokio. It's not wearable tech, but it comes close to being attached to you as the device tracks your vaping habits meticulously through a proprietary mobile app of the same name.

It counts the number of times you used your e-cig, measures the amount of vapor you inhaled, and calculates the equivalent number of analogs you'd have consumed and the amount of nicotine you'd have imbibed if you were still smoking.

Unlike basic vaporizers, Smokio lets you monitor your real time intake by measuring number of puffs and nicotine levels.

It shows how well you are doing thanks to insightful reports and customized notifications. You can then set up your milestones at your own pace.
What's more, it also gives you a bigger picture on how your vaping habit has benefitted you financially and physically. A vital statistics chart shows how well your heart and lungs are doing, and how many years have been added to your life. The gadget also tells you how much money you have saved since you started using Smokio.

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In comparison, a nifty little gadget called Quitbit offers users the capability to control their need to light up or vape on. The objective is to slowly wean the smokers and vapers from their nicotine-laden habit. Here's how the developers describe the digital lighter on their website:
The Quitbit itself, much like a scale, is a tool to measure, manage and empower the user. It works as a standalone device to provide real-time feedback through its display. However, the app is needed to unlock additional features like setting goals, and viewing trends.
Quitbit is a zero-flame fully rechargeable lighter. Unlike traditional lighters, it doesn't need gas or butane to burn the tip of a cigarette. Instead, it makes use of a powerful heating element that's similar to a car lighter.

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